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In search of life...

Multiplayer Space Adventure

Join the crew of an intergalactic research team as they travel the galaxy on a journey of discovery. Play with up to 4 friends in this co-op video game by Alien Mind.

Visit exotic planets and explore stunning stellar phenomenon based on real-world data. As you fight for survival, you will uncover the mystery of a lost civilization and our origins in the Universe. Collect species, fight hostile alien creatures and map the galaxy in a search for a world to call home.

Coming to Playstation5® and Desktop.


Scientific Discovery


Voice Chat


Real-world Data

Project notes:

The “Challeneger Deep”

The deep-space research vessel piloted by the Starlight crew allows players to identify and navigate to alien worlds. Solar-powered and with the ability to jump across vast distances, the entire galaxy is within reach. The crew must work together to analyze exoplanets, maintain ship systems and analyze data.

Sagitarius A*

The game begins with the crew studying the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A* at the center of our Galaxy. A navigational error takes them dangerously close to the event horizon throwing them into the future and millions of miles off course.

Scientist Explorers

The Astronauts in Starlight are explorers and scientists. There are 4 classes and 8 playable characters in total. Each class has unique abilities, responsibilities and has different facts about the ship and mission to share with others. Players can talk with one another while in the game, exploring together or making discoveries on their own.

Stellar Phenomenon

One of the team’s key missions will be to investigate stellar phenomenon throughout the Milky Way. Planetary nebulae, pulsars, stars of different variety and black holes are some of the missions that you will encounter while playing Starlight.

GDC 2019

GDC 2019 was a good success for us. We got great feedback and met some influential industry professionals. We demoed our game and got some much-needed feedback.

Oculus Connect

Oculus Connect’s annual VR conference is an extraordinary opportunity to meet makers of all types, gather feedback on your game projects and preview the literal edge of what is happening in VR tech. Two days of talks, demos, and access to the best minds in the industry. There is an element of chance, an opportunity to hustle and great support and feedback from all sides.

There are plans for a VR version of our game. Currently, the demo is for PC and Mac laptop and desktop computers.

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