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Alpha Software Agreement

Superframe, LLC (Superframe) and Alpha Software Recipient (User) have a common interest. Superframe develops video game software and needs user testing to get feedback on performance, ease of use, bugs, features, etc. User desires early-access to evaluate Superframe’s upcoming video game release. To this end, Superframe agrees to make available to User pre-release software (“Video Game”) as identified above under the following conditions:

  1. User understands that the Video Game is provided is not necessarily of “production quality” and may contain bugs and not perform according to expectations. Superframe makes no warranty whatsoever as to the suitability of this software for any particular use. The Video Game is provided “as is”.
  2. User agrees to provide feedback on their experience in the form of written or verbal feedback, which will allow Superframe to identify and resolve bugs or errors and improve the Video Game.
  3. User agrees that it will not distribute the software to any third parties or allow the software to be copied without the prior written consent of Superframe. If such use is granted, User agrees to only share the link to this page.
  4. The User understands that the Video Game is copyrighted and is protected by United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions.
  5. The User will not disclose Video Game, its concepts, artwork or any communications with Superframe regarding the Video Game to any third party.
  6. User will download and use the Video Game solely for the purposes described in the above sections.


A computer with a video graphics card and 6 gigabytes of available hard drive storage is necessary to play this alpha release. By entering the code below and downloading this software you agree to the terms above.