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Oculus Connect


Oculus Connect’s annual VR conference is an extraordinary opportunity to meet makers of all types, gather feedback on your game projects and preview the literal edge of what is happening in VR tech. Two days of talks, demos, and access to the best minds in the industry. There is an element of chance, an opportunity to hustle and great support and feedback from all sides.

There were many highlights for us and we were getting amazing feedback from just about everyone. We were lucky to get well-known industry leaders to provide feedback for our Go game. Portable headsets make it so easy to demo your games!

Oculus Quest


Of course, the big hardware news was the announcement of the Oculus Quest. With a premium on portability, 6DOF, and two hand controllers one wonders how they met the $399 price point.

For our part, we have been on the edge on whether to bring ‘Beyond’ to VR right away. It was on the roadmap for sure, but now it is a definite to happen for launch. And the beauty of it is, if you are developing for the Go, you are already developing for the Quest.

Expect to see Attack Command and Island Universe for the Oculus Quest.

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